Sustainable Features

  • Permaculture project design with a holistic approach to respecting existing vegetation and gently placing structures into the hillside. Enhanced on-site storm water management, through vegetated contour swales, gently-sloped infiltration swales, and above and below ground “Rain-Store” retention systems; allows storm water to slowly migrate through the site into the existing creek below
  • Special pervious pavers and decomposed granite are used on the driveways to allow for additional on-site soil percolation and environmentally conscious drainage
  • Eco-sensitive landscaping is used throughout the site neighborhood, well-adapted to local site conditions, including drought tolerance and wind
  • East-west building orientations to minimize the west sun heat gain and dramatically reduce the use of artificial heating and cooling
  • Building design of horizontal trellis, and canopy and roof overhangs on southern exposures allows for a natural approach to heating and cooling units homes with operable windows
  • Many sustainable building materials used throughout that provide timeless finishes, require minimal maintenance and will age gracefully
  • Optional solar panels to generate enough electricity for 20 kw/day and grid-tied to utility company for additional power and a approximately very low electricity bill
garcia architecture + design
BRE # 01465507